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Resistance Band Set

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Serenity’s World Nutrition 
Resistance Band Set

Best used for:

Squats –Doing squats with the band helps  to tighten abs and lower body parts.
1. Put your feet through the band and pull it up to your thighs. 2. Stand straight with feet hip-width apart 3. Tighten your stomach muscles 4. Lower down as if sitting 5. Straight your legs

Monster Walk Monster Walk primarily strengthens gluteus medius. 1. Place the band around both legs 2. Step out wide so your feet are between hip-width and shoulder-width apart 3. Step forward and out to the side with one foot then the other, and repeat

Glute Bridge Glute Bridge helps to strengthen your thighs. 1. Place the band around your knees 2. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground 3. Bring your heels in toward your butt. 4. Bridge with your heel and your upper back on the ground

Donkey Kicks Donkey Kicks also helps to exercise your glutes. 1. Loop the band around the bottom of your left footed right ankle 2. Keep your knee bent and left foot flexed,  wrists under shoulder, and core engaged 3. Put your left knee down and switch to the other

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