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Serenity’s World Nutrition is a black owned family business established since 2018.

It all started with the Sereni•Tea Pink Passion Detox; which is made with all natural tea leaves & all natural flavoring. I started this business because I was losing weight everywhere except my belly & I couldn’t understand why! So I experimented with several weight loss products and detox teas but nothing really worked for me!  I ran across this natural tea leaf and after use my husband started noticing my results, he said focus on that! This one product launched the start of my nutrition company.

As mentioned Serenity’s World Nutrition is a family owned and operated nutrition company. My daughter who is 15 years old makes our products and my son who is 19 years old is in charge of our deliveries & keeps inventory.

Serenity’s World of Nutrition couldn’t have been possible without my husband! He is the business manager, and handles all of our administrative work and duties behind the scenes. I am so thankful for him and the foundation we have created. Thank you!

Sereni•Tea Pink Passion Detox; a great product that is made with all natural tea leaves & all natural flavoring.

After using this product I am down 52 lbs & 22 inches! My husband told me a few months after noticing my belly fat leaving to stop being selfish & share my product with the world! That’s what I did & now we also offer complete meal replacement smoothies, full body fat burners, & of course waist trainers!